The Digital Age Version of “I Do”

This generation’s bride is deeply settled into the Digital Age. With a smartphone or tablet at hand, there are many apps to make the wedding planning experience much easier. Here are a few apps to get you started. You will need to see which ones work with your iPhone, android, tablet or other device. Have fun!


A Checklist for the Tech Gift Giver

This story may sound familiar: a well-intended person purchases an eReader or tablet for their loved one; the device sits untouched and unused until it is obsolete. Our computer trainers share their list of do’s and don’ts about purchasing a techie gift for someone else who’s not so tech-savvy.


Download Free Magazines with Your Library Card

It’s just flippin’ fun to choose from the more than 200 magazines in the new online magazine collection. Fill up your laptop, tablet, ereader, iPad or other device with free, full-text magazines.

All Booked Up eReaders

All Booked Up: What’s on Your Ereader?

Find out what ereaders Diana and Kathy own and why they love reading on them. They love to talk about books, so we asked them, what’s on your ereader. Find out how the library can help select you an ereader and get reading.


Your iPad, our Library = Great Match!

The new iPad is out! What can you do with your shiny new iPad at the library? Read books, of course – download the Overdrive app and start reading. Take our iPad for Beginners class. Browse our website. Search our library catalog. Use our free wifi to check your email. Tweet us, Facebook us, etc. […]