Michael Koryta’s Latest Supernatural Thriller

An early morning phone call asks Chief Deputy Kimble which he would prefer to investigate- a homicide or a suicide. Later, Wyatt French is discovered shot. French was something of an eccentric who drank too much but was known for building a lighthouse not by the ocean but in the mountains of Kentucky.

The Ones That Got Away –Thirteen Disturbing Stories

Thirteen might be considered unlucky but in a collection of horror short stories it might be the perfect number. The Ones That Got Away is a collection of thirteen short stories by Stephen Graham Jones. Many of the stories take everyday or normal life events and masterfully twist them into disconcerting tales. Vivid and descriptive, these stories…

There’s something Rotten in The Company Man

The McNaughton Corporation is a force in the world with their inventions like airships and guns, and in the center of it is the city they created, Evesden. A sprawling city teaming with people who are either trying to find their fortune or more likely have given up hope. In the middle of it all is Cyril Hayes, a man with a secret talent