The Beginning of the End of the World in Dead of Night

A sadistic serial killer, Homer Gibbon, was executed for his crimes, but Homer didn’t stay dead. The prison doctor wants Homer to suffer so the doctor injects Homer with a drug that would keep his mind alive. Homer would be buried and later would regain consciousness and then die in a nightmare deep in the ground, but instead his body was sent elsewhere and not immediately buried. In a small town in Pennsylvania, Homer woke up very hungry.

The Gory Fright of the Pumpkin Man

After many years the Pumpkin Man is back, and this time he is killing his previous victim’s parents, but he’s also seeking a young woman, Jenn. There isn’t an obvious link between the killer and Jenn, except for Meredith: a witch with a connection to the Pumpkin Man and Jenn’s aunt. Jenn doesn’t know much about her Aunt Meredith, but now as her aunt’s sole heir…

Revisit the Night in Ghosts by Gaslight

From one story that has a machine that attracts the dead to another tale where a young boy must face a nightly visitor alone in his room, the classic ghost story is celebrated and explored in Ghosts by Gaslight: Stories of Steampunk and Supernatural Suspense edited by Jack Dann and Nick Gevers. The idea behind this collection was to combine the ghost story with technology and to reflect the emerging new science of the Victorian era

Michael Koryta’s Latest Supernatural Thriller

An early morning phone call asks Chief Deputy Kimble which he would prefer to investigate- a homicide or a suicide. Later, Wyatt French is discovered shot. French was something of an eccentric who drank too much but was known for building a lighthouse not by the ocean but in the mountains of Kentucky.

The Ones That Got Away –Thirteen Disturbing Stories

Thirteen might be considered unlucky but in a collection of horror short stories it might be the perfect number. The Ones That Got Away is a collection of thirteen short stories by Stephen Graham Jones. Many of the stories take everyday or normal life events and masterfully twist them into disconcerting tales. Vivid and descriptive, these stories…