The Voices

Hearing Things in The Voices

Christopher and Laura Norton have found their dream house in north London and after remodeling move in with their baby girl. It’s an old Victorian home with room for a sound studio for Christopher’s work composing music, but there’s something wrong…

The Troop

Death Arrives in The Troop

Scoutmaster Tim and his troop of five young teenage boys went on their annual hiking trip. The boys were all different from popular to nerd, but over the years they had worked out a way to get along though sometimes at one another’s expense.


Horror with an Attitude in Poe

Twenty-one year old Dimitri Petrov dropped out of college after his parents were killed and now works for a dying newspaper writing obituaries. On Halloween he is sent on assignment to a séance at the Aspinwall Mansion, an abandoned home with rumors of ghosts. It seems like a joke, but things quickly turn…

jack o lanterns

A Supernatural Celebration in Halloween

Every Halloween this little town has a secret ritual where everyone gathers around a scarecrow and those who have died within the last year are called. One of the recently departed will animate the scarecrow and answer questions from beyond in “We, The Fortunate Bereaved” by Brian Hodge. This short story is…


A Horrifying Legacy in Seeders

Isabelle Maguire is the heir of her estranged father’s estate which includes an isolated island where he lived alone and conducted scientific experiments. When Isabelle arrived at the island with her two sons and a teenage girl she met the other two heirs, Dr. Jules Beecher and Ginny Shufflebottom.