Recycled, Upcycled Holiday

The holiday season is a perfect time to experiment with making recycled and upcycled gifts and decorations. When you give a gift made from recycled materials, you are not only giving a thoughtful handmade gift – you are also giving a gift with a teensy-weensy carbon footprint! And who doesn’t love that?

Decorating Influences From Abroad

Decorating inspiration can come from anything. A decorating scheme can come from something as simple as a pattern, a color, a piece of furniture, or a photograph. But for me, my favorite decorating inspirations come from souvenirs and travel photos that I’ve gatherd over the years. There is something very appealing about showcasing exotic locales or cultures in home decorating […]

Discover Your Design Style

For some people, the idea of decorating their home can be so overwhelming it brinks on the edge of nightmarish. What color scheme should be used? How should the furniture be arranged? What’s my decorating style? Should you mix patterns and textures or not? And what exactly does mixing textures mean anyway? Luckily, the Topeka & […]