Grave Mercy

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

The convent of Saint Mortain is a haven for young girls and women who are believed to be daughters of Death himself. They are trained to be skilled assassins who carry out the work of Death by killing people who are marqued as evil.

art of duke hunting

The Art of Duke Hunting is a witty regency romp

His Grace Roman Montagu has just woken up, completely terrified, and tied to the rail of a ship named The Drake during a terrible storm –and the arrival of the Countess of Derby on the deck quickly takes things from bad to worse! Pick up this historical romance set in the Regency England, where Prinny himself makes a cameo appearance to twist the plot. The Art of Duke Hunting is a highly recommended and very enjoyable sensual historical romance.


Meet the Author Cathy Maxwell

Multi-published historical romance author Cathy Maxwell will speak about the process of writing and publishing romance novels. Her latest novel, in stores on August 30, 2011 is The Seduction of Scandal.  This is a participating book in the k.i.s.s. and teal campaign to fight ovarian cancer. Maxwell grew up in Olathe, KS and now lives […]