The Murder Squad Returns in The Devil’s Workshop

Train cars crash into HM Prison Bridewell causing a wall to collapse and releasing some of London’s deadliest killers. Inspector Walter Day and Sargent Nevil Hammersmith are sent to investigate the accident and discover that the facts are not adding up and that the train crash might not be an accident but a planned escape.

The Victorian Thriller Murder as a Fine Art

It’s 1854 in London and the night’s calm is shattered by the shouts of murder. A young family has been brutally killed though it does not appear to be a random act but was carefully orchestrated to mirror the Ratcliffe Highway murders of another family forty-three years earlier. Detective Inspector Sean Ryan from Scotland Yard is put on the case and discovers an essay called “On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts”, which is a detailed account of the Ratcliffe Highway Murders by author, Thomas De Quincey…

The Return of the Murder Squad in The Black Country

Deep in the British Midlands, the mining town of Blackhampton has a possible tragedy on its hands- a husband, wife, and their youngest child have disappeared though their three other children are still safe at home. There are miles of tunnels underground and woods nearby for someone to disappear into either alive or dead…

The Birth of Forensic Pathology in The Yard

Inspector Little was found in a trunk murdered with his eyes and mouth sewn shut. It’s a grisly scene, but that doesn’t compare to Jack the Ripper’s killings that have just recently ended. With a city still on edge, Inspector Walter Day with only a week on the job is assigned to the case, and he gets help from an unlikely place: Dr. Bernard Kingsley who is not officially a part of Scotland Yard but a part of the new science of forensic pathology.