Quartet for the End of Time

The Literary Quartet for the End of Time

In 1932 when the Bonus Army of veterans rioted in Washington, Alden Kelly who is sympathetic to their cause agrees to carry a bomb but is caught. His sister, Sutton, pressured by their father, a congressman, and trying to protect her brother accuses Kansas veteran Arthur Sinclair…


Occupied New York in The Scent of Death

It is the Revolutionary War and the British occupy New York City. Packed not only with loyalist who have fled other parts of the country and prisoners of war, the city seethes with the danger and fear from threats of war and espionage.


Deadly Politics in The Wars of the Roses: Stormbird

King Henry VI inherited an England that was basking in the glory from the wars with France that brought land and money to the kingdom, but Henry was not interested in land, war, or politics. With his lack of leadership came…

Superimposed Chapter 11 by Sarah Langley

Superimposed Chapter 11

In this week’s chapter, Holly suffers a major loss and is sent on a big quest, in a turn of events that you will have to read to believe!