Check Out Our Garden Magazines

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Our magazines do check out! The latest copy needs to stay in the building, but the rest of the issues are up for grabs. You can check out as many as you want for 7 days, so why not get some garden inspiration and advice from magazines? Here are a few articles I found interesting: […]

African Violets Cropped

Flowers for Winter

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Winter is quickly approaching, and, according to weather forecasts, it’s going to be another brutal winter. Start planning now to stave off the winter blues by adding colorful plants around your home. One way you can do this is by forcing bulbs. The two easiest bulbs to grow indoors are paperwhites and amaryllis because they […]

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Turn Your Passion into a Travel Adventure

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Niche. It’s a funny word that has lots of different meanings and pronunciations. It can be a sheltered or private place, a place or activity best suited to a person or thing or even a habitat necessary for the existence of a species. Whether you say “neesh”, “nish” or “nitch” it means special.

shade gardens

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Everyone that I know has to deal with some shade in their garden. I do but I don’t really know what plants to use in a shade garden. I have some  hosta and astilbes and they are doing really well. But I would like to grow something else that has beautiful color. Well, on August […]