Fox and O'Hare series

Capers and Heists Define New Series

Dubbed “The Fox and O’Hare” novels, this new series will appeal to anyone who enjoys caper adventure crime stories. Catch up on books 1 & 2 and place your request for book 3 – The Job – coming November 2014!

six degrees image

Six Degrees Challenge

When a certain theme in a book makes your eyes light up with joy, there’s nothing better than to follow that theme to another book that will expand upon that same concept. One way of doing this is to take the idea of “six degrees of separation” and apply it to books by noting the connections […]


Finding Family in Dollbaby

Ibby Bell is twelve years old and her father has just died. Her mother decides to leave Ibby with her grandmother, Fannie, whom Ibby has never met. Ibby is a long way from her home in Washington when she is dropped off in New Orleans at Fannie’s with her father’s urn and no date set for her mother to pick her up.

No Way Back

The Roller Coaster Thriller, No Way Back

Jimmy Thane has been given a second chance, which at the same time is probably also his last chance. He’s an alcoholic and drug abuser who has burnt almost everyone, but he was able to snag a new job in a new place. He’s the CEO of a failing…


Hot, New Summer Reads

Whether you’re beating the heat inside or you’re taking the family on the road this summer, these recently released books contain stories that will keep you entranced. Many are available in multiple formats.


The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

Each time Harry August dies he is reborn in his same life at his birth. Harry gets to relive his life endlessly with the benefit of remembering everything and being able to change…