Morlock’s beginnings in A Guile of Dragons

The Wardlands was on the otherside of the Sea of Worlds, far away from Arthur’s Britain and quite a journey for Merlin and his pregnant mistress who were being forced to this distant land. The Wardlands was Merlin’s homeland where he was to stand trial for treason before being exiled and forbidden to return, though before his expulsion Merlin left something precious behind: his son, Morlock.

A Noir Fantasy in The Sword-Edged Blond

Eddie LaCrosse is a sword for hire, however it isn’t his sword fighting that pays the bills but his skills at detection. He’s a man that can’t be bought, and yet Eddie is filled with guilt from a mistake that has marked him for life and sent him from his homeland. Eddie never expected to return to his homeland until an urgent request for help arrives.

The Action Packed Grimnoir Chronicles

Delilah is a brute, and Jake Sullivan is a heavy, and he’s supposed to help arrest her for the FBI. The FBI needs Jake to counter her power since they’re both actives and have magical powers- as a brute she can increase her strength and as a heavy Jake can change gravitational pull. Most non-magical people don’t trust actives, but Jake discovers that the FBI has been lying to him.

The Price of Magic in The Uncertain Places

The Feierabend family seemed to have all the luck in the world with a vineyard, their own wine label, and money. The three sisters, Maddie, Livvy, and Rose, were intelligent, successful and each had her own charm. So when Will Taylor met Livvy and her family, it became a magical time for him. It was 1971, he was a young student at Berkeley and everything seemed perfect, but there were hints that not all was well.