The Fantasy Memoir of A Natural History of Dragons

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Born into a world where women were not supposed to care anything about dragons, Lady Trent’s passion and fascination led her to many great discoveries about the creatures. Her life story begins with her secretly reading books on dragons and continues with finally finding a husband who would support her interest. Eventually she would defy convention…

The Emperor's Soul

Rebuilding a Life, Saving an Empire in The Emperor’s Soul

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Shia was caught for her almost flawless forgery of a national masterpiece and sentenced to be executed but was given an unusual offer to spare her life. An attempt had been made on the Emperor’s life leaving him in a soulless state of unconsciousness. The arbiters, who were running the country, want Shia to forge a soul for the Emperor to bring him back to consciousness.

Fairy baby

No School? Cool!

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No school on Friday?! A three-day weekend?! That’s like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s as good as discovering a lucky four leaf clover. By golly, it’s better than pouring a bowl of Lucky Charms and getting nothing but marshmallows. Sweet! If you’d like to sprinkle some shenanigans into […]