words and their meanings 600

Words and Their Very Revealing Meanings

A year of burying your grief is bad, but Anna O’Mally is practicing coffin yoga and visibly wearing her pain to firmly pushing her remaining family away in this moving portrayal of blinding grief and depression.

HUSH Podcast

HUSH Library Podcast #61 – Hospice Care

In this episode, we discuss hospice care and end of life experiences, then recommend some recent books and compelling memoirs from the shelves of the Health Information Neighborhood.

Hush Episode 31 Hunger Games and More

HUSH: a podcast from your library – Episode 31 – Hunger Games and more

Once you’ve read the Hunger Games, what do you read next? Thad Hartman and Lissa Staley host a brief (41:44) discussion with Miranda about the popularity of this series and some of the similar books that came before it. Learn more about these books that relate back all the way back to the Roman Gladitorial matches, and continue to be popular today. Share your recommendations with us!