A Nightmare Boyfriend in Into the Darkest Corner

Catherine was once outgoing and carefree, but after she met her boyfriend, Lee, everything changed. Lee was good looking and charming and seemed like the ideal boyfriend but after a few months there were signs that something was wrong as the violence and control escalated into a final ordeal of torture.

Move ahead three years later, Lee is in prison and Catherine is trapped in her own apartment for hours on end because of her fear and obsessions. In spite of her difficulties, Catherine has begun to move on with her life, and then she finds out that Lee…

white cat feature

White Cat by Holly Black

White Cat takes place in a fantasy version of America where certain people called “curse workers” have the ability to do magic on other people by touching their bare skin.


The Gripping Crime Novel – A Killer’s Essence

Being a cop is Detective Stan Green’s life, even if he doesn’t want it to be. The time it takes and the stress from the job can be overwhelming. It costs him a lot – his ex-wife still hates him, his kids are tired of being second to his job, and his girlfriend has just about had it. Though Stan tries to change things with the people in his life it isn’t easy, especially after a vicious murder…