And then there was blackberry cobbler

I have been on a blackberry cobbler kick lately. I have been constantly looking in all the new cookbooks that have come out for a blackberry cobbler recipe. What started all this? Well, I needed to make something for the Cooking by the Book cookbook club and the cookbook we were discussing that night was […]

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perfect potatoes au gratin

2 moms that cook

So, who lives in Oklahoma with her husband and children, writes a blog and two cookbooks, and has a dog named Charlie? Well, the Pioneer Woman, that’s who. Yes, the Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) has a new cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from my frontier and it is as good or maybe even better […]

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Watch All Booked Up! to learn more about Martha's Entertaining

All Booked Up! Martha’s Entertaining

In this edition of All Booked Up! Kathy and Diana share stories of Martha Stewart and explain why for those planning a special event the library is a great place to start. How many of you remember the entertaining book that Martha Stewart wrote in the 1980s? I do, and I have that book in […]

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Cooking after Christmas

Baking Style by Lisa Yockelson and The Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook are two new cookbooks in the Cooking Neighborhood. The new book club, Cooking by the Book, is featuring chocolate.

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A classic southern bible

I don’t know how classic this cookbook is but it is definitely a bible on some really delicious dishes. What cookbook am I talking about? Well, Paula Deen’s new cookbook, Southern Cooking Bible. This cookbook is big and it has more than 300 recipes for some really delicious dishes. Of course, it is Paula Deen. […]