Finding Family in Dollbaby

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Ibby Bell is twelve years old and her father has just died. Her mother decides to leave Ibby with her grandmother, Fannie, whom Ibby has never met. Ibby is a long way from her home in Washington when she is dropped off in New Orleans at Fannie’s with her father’s urn and no date set for her mother to pick her up.


Coming-of-age in Whistling Past the Graveyard

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Nine-year-old Starla Claudelle is almost always in trouble or on the verge of being in trouble from her sassy mouth and temper. Starla lives with her grandmother who has just about had it with her. This year Starla is grounded from the Fourth of July celebrations, but she goes anyway. When the nine-year-old is caught she decides to run away…


The Gentle New Novel: Heft

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At over 500 pounds, Arthur Opp has not left his house in many years and his life has been one of solitude until he receives a phone call from Charlene. He hasn’t seen her in almost twenty years but in those years they had written each other. For Arthur, this is his most important relationship, while Charlene she needs help …