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New comic book titles will be arriving soon at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library!  We chose comics to satisfy a variety of taste and ages. But don’t worry; the old standards like Batman and The X-Men will keep coming in. Here are some of those new titles. Garfield         Sonic Universe […]



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In previous blog posts, we have covered a wide range of topics like comic book movies, big events in the comic world, and even briefly looked at the history of comics. This month, let’s discuss the actual hobby of comic book collecting. Here are a few simple things you should be familiar with before starting […]



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Welcome to the blog from the staff of Gatekeeper Hobbies. This blog will cover a variety of topics from the pop culture world including comic books and anime. It‘s hot in Topeka and the box office is just as blazing with The Amazing Spider-Man web-slinging his way to the silver screen and the finale of The Dark Knight […]

Justice League

DC Comics Relaunch

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DC comics is making big changes to the DC Universe in September 2011 by restarting 52 of their titles.  Popular comic books like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Justice League will be going back to issue number 1.  The new versions are supposed to introduce readers to a more modern and diverse DC Universe and […]

HUSH: a podcast from your library – Episode 7

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HUSH – Listen to a conversational podcast (52:47) with Lissa Staley and Thad Hartman. Julie Nelson returns to to talk about true crime books. Daniel Fogt shares reading and viewing tips to get ready for the upcoming summer blockbuster movies. Carrie Cumming promotes the movie series at the library. Plus, subscribe to HUSH via iTunes.