A Memoir from China, The Little Red Guard

In the midst of the Cultural Revolution in China, the government was banning many of the traditional practices like burials and coffins, though Wenguang Huang’s grandmother wanted her family to defy the ban and plan a traditional funeral complete with a coffin for her death. At the time their grandmother’s health was fine but she was obsessed with her mortality and funeral…

Take A Break In Beijing!

Beijing is a city with tremendous history and beautiful architecture. It was placed on display four years ago when Beijing hosted the Summer Olympics and presented one of the most breathtaking opening ceremonies seen in the modern Olympic games. We will be visiting just a few of the historic locations located in Beijing, China.

The Forgotten Murder of a Schoolgirl in Midnight in Peking

It’s 1937 and a parent’s worst nightmare comes true in Peking when the mutilated body of a British teenager, Pamela Werner, is found. The city is already on edge as Japan prepares to take over. Peking has also been in decline and has become a mix of refugees, brothels, opium dens, and the last of the foreigners and diplomats. Scandal and corruption is rampant.

Lost in the Stacks: Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China

They come in thousands, these girls from rural China, teenagers and young adults, alone or in groups, they flock to the booming South China city Dongguan.  Here they make handbags, athletic shoes, rubber parts and electronics for eleven hours a day and, if a girl is lucky, Sunday off, in the endless factories that comprise […]