Book Review: Ruby Red

A time traveling gene runs in Gwen’s family, pulling the gene carrier uncontrollably into the past sometime during their sixteenth year. Everyone expects Gwen’s cousin Charlotte to become the time traveler, so Gwen is shocked when she is the one that feels the warning symptoms of time travelling at age sixteen instead of her cousin.

The Wedding Neighborhood is Engaging

Brides-to-be, grooms-to-be, parents, hosts and friends – whatever your role in a wedding – we want you to know about all the useful books and DVDs in our new Wedding Neighborhood. For your convenience we’ve created neighborhoods where related materials are housed together in one area, creating an engaging hub of inquiry and activity that […]

August/September connectnow – What’s Happening @ your library

Starting this week, library card holders will receive our connectnow magazine in the mail. This makes planning your time at the library more convenient and helps you become a walking encyclopedia of library activities and news. Keep an eye out for your copy. At-home deliver isn’t the only change to our bimonthly magazine. It’s now […]