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Winter Gardening Tips

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Well winter has finally arrived since the weather has turned cold, the ground outside is frozen and our outside gardening work has slowed down for a few months. However, just because we can’t do as much as we would like to outdoors doesn’t mean your gardening activities need to come to a halt. In order […]


Youth Services New Bird Feeder

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There is a new bird feeder outside the east windows of youth services. The new feeder compliments the renovation of youth services with the green dinosaur, light house, octopus and yellow school bus. On the east wall by the windows is a bird identification chart that will help show which birds are using the feeder. Below are listed ten […]

Attracting Birds and Butterflies

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I love watching birds and butterflies fluttering around in my flower beds and herb garden. There are lots of flowers and herbs that help attract birds and butterflies to our gardens. I have selected plants in my gardens to attract Hummingbirds, Cardinals, Meadowlarks, Bluebirds, Red Bellied Woodpeckers and Butterflies; of course I also have Sparrows, […]