An Adventure Fantasy in Quintessence

On the western edge of the world there are treasures, magic, and strange creatures in this age of discovery during the reign of Edward VI, son of Henry VIII. It was also a time of deadly strife as science, Protestantism and Catholicism clashed against each other often ending in torture and death. Court physician Stephen Parris is caught…

Hard Magic

The Action Packed Grimnoir Chronicles

Delilah is a brute, and Jake Sullivan is a heavy, and he’s supposed to help arrest her for the FBI. The FBI needs Jake to counter her power since they’re both actives and have magical powers- as a brute she can increase her strength and as a heavy Jake can change gravitational pull. Most non-magical people don’t trust actives, but Jake discovers that the FBI has been lying to him.

The Eyre Affair

The Time Bending Thursday Next Series

The evil villain, Acheron Hades, has stolen the manuscript of Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens. The authorities want to capture him before Hades kills one of the characters and makes the character disappear from the story. So Special Operations contacts one of the few people who have seen Hades, Thursday Next, the gun toting Special Ops from the Literary Division.

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The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack

It’s a Different World in The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack

Werewolves terrorize London’s East End and the legend of Spring Heeled Jack seems to have come to life as young women are terrorized by a strange creature. Animals are genetically engineered for specific tasks. Strange and wonderful inventions allow for flight and other innovations. Something is not quite right …


There’s something Rotten in The Company Man

The McNaughton Corporation is a force in the world with their inventions like airships and guns, and in the center of it is the city they created, Evesden. A sprawling city teaming with people who are either trying to find their fortune or more likely have given up hope. In the middle of it all is Cyril Hayes, a man with a secret talent