The New John Muir and the Ice that Started a Fire

2014 is the one hundredth anniversary of John Muir’s death, who is well known for his influence in establishing the National Parks, but his interest in the natural world was all encompassing. Starting in 1879 Muir traveled to Alaska igniting…

The Map of My Dead Pilots

The Risks of Flying in The Map of My Dead Pilots

The bush pilots of Alaska risk their lives to transport people, mail, medicine, animals, dead bodies and everything else in between to keep the isolated villages linked to the outside world. Perils abound since Alaska…

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Traveling by Train — a Different Way to Go

Are you tired of paying high prices to stand in line to take off your shoes and then stuff yourself into a barely-big-enough seat that might be next to a miniscule window you can barely see out of? (I’m speaking of air travel, in case you didn’t recognize it.) Consider traveling by train, for business and especially for pleasure.

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