Summer Reading Tip #6: Cheep! Moo! Roar!

Does your kid love animals?  If so, then you have an easy way to hook your kids on books.  Fiction and non-fiction books about animals abound; we have plenty to offer to your future veterinarian. The Adventuremobile brings a new animal to show-and-tell to your kids every week.  From crawdads to baby chicks to cool […]

Adventuremobile-Come See Our Cute Chicks!

Come and visit the Adventuremobile the week of June 23-27 to see some baby chicks. Jerold Binkley, known as host of the fondly remembered Tulip Time on the Binkley homestead and  prime mover of the Topeka Beautification Project at the Lake Shawnee Ensley Gardens, has kindly donated these little critters to the animal menagerie which accompanies the AdventureMobile each […]

Adventuremobile-Come See Pepper the Rabbit

Come visit Pepper this week on the AdventureMobile (June 16-20). Pepper is a Mini-Rex Rabbit.  She has spent a few years as a 4H show rabbit and her family has been nice enough to let her spend the week with us on the AdventureMobile. You can checkout lots of library materials filled with fun facts […]

Adventuremobile-Come See The Mysterious Furry Critter

We will feature a mystery critter the week of June 9-13. What will it be… a puppy… or maybe a kitten? Whatever it will be will come from the Topeka Helping Hands Humane Society and be available for adoption. Just ask the Bookmobile staff for more details. Make sure you stop by the Adventuremobile to […]

Adventuremobile-Meet Lucille Ball Python

Meet Lucille Ball Python. This easy-going python from Africa (also known as a Royal Python) has entertained and educated thousands of children in the classroom and on the AdventureMobile, which explains why she often falls asleep while being touched by many hands. Think you can’t pet a snake? Think again. Lucy’s skin feels something like […]

Adventuremobile-Kick Off This Summer With Kittens!

They’re soft and fluffy and looking for a good home. That’s right… this summer’s first AdventureMobile animal is kittens!  These cute and cuddly balls of fur, available for adoption from the Topeka Helping Hands Humane Society, will be featured on the Adventuremobile  May 27th-May 30th. Don’t worry. If you can’t adopt one of these adorable kittens, we have lots of […]