Study Rooms

The library provides four study rooms for public use. Each room has four chairs and one computer with Internet access. Printing is available using your library card account. For groups larger than 4 people, contact the Events Coordinator to reserve a larger meeting room.

Patrons are able to reserve the study rooms using the SAM “Reserve a PC” system from any public computer at the library up to a week in advance. Patrons can access Online PC Reservations from any Internet computer at

Reservations are made for one hour blocks of time. Patrons can reserve 3 hours per day.

Use SAM Online PC Reservations to Reserve a Study Room

1. Access the Online PC Reservation page at
2. Choose location “Study Rooms”
3. Choose date by typing in the date or by using the calendar picker
4. Enter in your library card number then press “Submit”
5. Select a time and computer by selecting one of the buttons, then click on “Make Reservation”

Additional Tips for Online PC Reservations

To reserve two hours in a row on a computer, make two one-hour reservations on the same computer.

To review your reservations, repeat steps 1-4. Your reservations for that specific day will be displayed. If you want to cancel your reservation click on “Click Here to Delete the Reservation.”

Please note that SAM displays times in 30 minute increments and will only allow you to reserve a computer in advance starting with the next 30 minute interval.

Study Room Guidelines

Patrons must have a valid library card to reserve and use study rooms.

Time limits and printing will be consistent throughout the library on all public computers including study rooms.

Patrons can sign into any study room computer that is not currently reserved.

Study rooms will not be locked. Please be responsible for your personal property.

SAM will automatically release a reservation if the patron doesn’t arrive (or hasn’t logged into the study room computer) after 10 minutes.

If a patron is using a study room but not the computer, they will still need to log into the computer to let SAM know they are there for their reservation.  Patrons should choose “Lock PC” on the computer when they aren’t using it so that they don’t get logged off by SAM due to inactivity.