Sherry Best

Sherry Best

Sherry Best has been Doing Art since about age 4.  She now has more than forty years of Art Experience – some of it even professional.  She earned her BA in studio art and art history from University of Missouri – Kansas City, and her MA in art history and MFA in photography from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor.  She taught art and art history at the college level for twelve years, has worked as an art slide librarian, a gallery director, and an exhibiting artist.  She also loves to cook, garden, and still loves to make photographs the “old fashioned way” in a darkroom.

Art in our Lives

Ultimately, everything people make can be “art”.  Take a look at some of the things we make, and make beautiful, that we don’t even think about.

What’s New in the Sabatini Art Gallery?

An overview of our current and upcoming art exhibits.

Behind the Scenes at the Sabatini Art Gallery

An exhibit ends, the doors close for two weeks, and then reopen – with a new exhibit “magically” installed.  What really happens behind closed doors?  How do we make decisions about the exhibits, the placement of the art, the walls, the lighting – and all those other details that make a successful exhibit.

Wild Women of Kansas

Everyone knows Dorothy, Amelia Earhart, and Carry A. Nation. But what about the lesser-known women? Those women who came to Kansas in the early days, who started what businesses they could, who tamed the Wild West, and those who made the West Wild? Women like “Big-Nose Kate,” “Squirrel-Tooth Alice,” and “Bloody Kate” Bender.