Nancy Overmyer

Nancy Overmyer

Nancy J Overmyer has been with the library since 1993. She started out in Youth Services and did everything from storytime to graphic art projects. She later became one of the computer trainers here at the library and enjoyed 5 wonderful years helping the public learn about using computers. Nancy is now the library’s Program Supervisor and works with staff throughout the library to help organize, promote, create and make all of our library programs happen.

What’s Happening at Your Library

Reading isn’t the only thing going on at the library. From gun-slinging preachers to swooping owls, your library provides lively and educational events and classes. From birth to car keys to bifocals, there’s always something for everyone happening here at your library. Have Nancy Overmyer, Program Supervisor fill you in on all the exciting things happening at your library and explain how we take the show on the road through-out the community.

It’s not Junk it’s Jewelry

Get inspired to dig through those drawers and start putting pieces together to create fun trendy junk drawer jewelry. Learn about Upcycling (converting useless products into something new). You’ll never look in your desk drawer; tackle box, tool box or sewing basket the same way again. This presentation has lots of visuals; many examples and books to look at. You’ll want to check out the Arts and Crafts Neighborhood at the library and get connected to our Pinterest crafts boards after seeing this presentation.