Kate Hughes

Kate HughesA career educator, Kate Hughes has been on the library staff since 2004 and, as a trainer, she loves the ongoing opportunities to teach and learn from customers and other staff. Her favorite public classes include Editing Digital Photos, Word Graphics, and Blogging for Artists and Crafters. Sometimes you can find her presenting on other topics too — journaling, watercolor, or calligraphy.

Journaling with Words and Images

Personal Writing includes documenting your days in a diary, consciously creating memoir and family history, self-reflection, working through emotions, planning, dreaming and goal setting,  coping with depression or grief, writing about gratitude, celebrating, noticing the natural world, listing and brainstorming. Images are incorporated by adding collages, photographs, mementos, doodles, watercolor, sketches and rubbings. There is no wrong way to journal. Inspiration for journaling can come from books, prompts, published journals, and the world around you.

Learn why journaling is useful, why taking time to journal your personal thoughts is important and where to find ideas for expanding your journaling. Handouts will include prompts and inspiration for your group, and can add an interactive portion with journaling prompts and writing exercises to the presentation. Handouts can be found online.