Jayme K. Lyons

Jayme Lyons

Lyons was born in Topeka, graduating from Topeka High and then Washburn University.  She has been employed at the library in the Bookmobile Dept. for more than 13 years.  Jayme enjoys storytelling, learning new things, art and music. She finds sharing information and ideas has increased her enthusiasm for the variety of subjects she has presented in her years at the library. Her energetic style and deep desire to create connections with others helps her bring any subject to life.

Steamboat Arabia: Treasure in a Cornfield!

They went looking for buried treasure and instead developed a life-long commitment and love for the incredible slice of history uncovered! Hear firsthand accounts of the 1850’s sinking of the Great White Steamship Arabia in the Missouri River. Learn the details of its 1980’s resurrection from a Kansas cornfield. Witness the creation of a one-of-a-kind museum to house and preserve the artifacts they so lovingly unearthed. Experience the amazing real-life adventure of a working class Kansas family that through extraordinary effort brought a one of a kind treasure to light.