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What’s “Bin” Happening in the Kids Library

If you visited the Kids Library this past Tuesday, you might have noticed a lot of yellow caution tape and a whole bunch of librarians doing something unusual.  Don’t be alarmed by the caution tape; the big project was to install bin shelving for most of our picture books.  The books are still arranged in […]


Adventuremobile – Wriggle on Down to See Worms

With their slimy skin and lack of cuteness it’s easy to understand why these wrigglers below our feet get overlooked. In reality, worms are powerhouses that make the world go round! Worms improve soil conditions for farmers and gardeners and are a major food source for many animals. Wanna learn more about worms? Stop by […]


10 Ways To Finish Summer Reading Strong

Hey reading champions, fuel up for the last round of summer reading fun! These blog posts give you tricks to keep you or your child motivated to keep up the Summer Reading. As the summer winds down, maintain your reading habits with these tips.

Try out the Hy-Vee smartlocker

New Way to Check Out Comes to Hy-Vee

You can now request books, movies and music albums from the library to be delivered to Topeka’s Hy-Vee for pickup 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Adventuremobile – Play with Puppies!

Don’t miss this chance to play with some sweet and adorable puppies! Stop by the Adventuremobile July 21-25 and visit with some cute little characters from the Helping Hands Humane Society. Don’t forget to let the pup sniff your hand before you pet it! At 3 weeks old, puppies are pretty amazing sniffers. The percentage devoted to […]

Bag Day Book Sale is July 26

Bag Day Book Sale July 26

Shoppers will be leaving with bags full of books and still some money in their pockets when they attend the Bag Day Book Sale July 26. Pro tip: Arrive early; the best bargains go fast.

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