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Adventures in Herb Drying

As a gardener without a lot of time, I tend to grow a lot of things in containers and one of the things I like to grow is herbs. I think it’s because smells are important to me, I like my environment to smell good. So this year I grew spearmint and lemon balm and got the idea of trying my hand at preserving their scents to enjoy throughout the winter.

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Save Your Family Treasures!

Preserving Collectibles: Some Basic Tips These tips all come from the book Saving Stuff: How to care for and preserve your collectibles, heirlooms, and other prize possessions by Don Williams—who is a senior conservator for the Smithsonian Institution.   TSCPL has this book in our collection—check it out if you need more detail on preserving just about […]

Dog Who Could Fly

A True Dog Hero Takes to the Skies

Man saves puppy. Puppy saves man. The thrilling true adventures of an airman and his loyal dog during World War II.


Love Your White Walls

Some people like to paint their walls beautiful, bright colors. Some people like to keep their walls a nice, pretty neutral shade. Neither of these choices are wrong. White walls can be a great, changeable canvas. Anything you hang on them instantly becomes a piece of art. Furniture, pillows and blankets stand out with fresh […]

Setting the Stage to Sell Your Home

Setting the Stage to Sell Your Home

Selling your home can be a stressful endeavor, especially if your home doesn’t necessarily pop compared to other homes on the block. Luckily the library can help get the most out of your home. Visit the home neighborhood to see our wide range of books on home staging. We have a variety of resources that […]

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Science and Art? Absolutely!

Science met Fiber Art at the library recently, and there was an explosion! An explosion of creativity, that is. See photos and get handouts and book recommendations.


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