We Provide an Enduring Value to the Community

We provide activites that are entertaining to both children and adults.

These days people need the library more than ever. According to the 2010 United States Census there are 177, 934 people who live in Shawnee County. Of those, 94,579 have library cards. Every day we see more than 3,000 children and adults use and enjoy the library after school or after work hours.

“I recently got my library card and I love it,” said Hilary Larson, library customer. “I am not from here, and I heard about the library through a friend. I’ve only had my card for a month, and I have already visited the library three times.”

With accessible computers for everyone, the library is the ideal place for students to do their homework. It is also the perfect way for people to find a job and for everyone to have a good time and enjoy everything that the library offers. The library gives you many reasons for affirming the value it adds to our community.

“I will definitely recommend the library to my friends. It has such variety and it has such a friendly staff,” said Larson.

Steve Page, Board Chair of The Library Foundation has been a library cardholder for over 45 years. Steve got his library card soon after he became a part-time employee at the library when he was teenager.

“I think that the library is a storehouse of knowledge. It provides interesting classes for everyone and great a geology center for those who want to find out more about their family. It is just the closest thing we have in Topeka to a true community center,” Steve added.