We Pay Attention

The Overson-Campbell Homework Center is a place where students can come and get assistance with their homework

Our stewardship is based on close attention to your priorities. The library and The Library Foundation react swiftly to emerging trends and economic challenges. A top priority for the library is to have activities for people of all ages. One example is the Edge, which is dedicated to teens where they can play video games, do homework or just hang out with friends.

Our volunteer board of trustees helps raise funds and monitors both the Foundation’s investments and distributions.

With funds raised, we provide the best services that are needed by the community. Services such as AdventureMobile that take children into a learning adventure and bookmobile which makes it easier for citizens across the city to borrow books without having to drive to the library.

We also pay attention by having computer classes for those who need help from taming your mouse to creating a Facebook page, using social media and your iPad.

The library also knows how hard it is to find a job these days. That’s why donors helped launch the Jobs and Careers Neighborhood, where it’s easier than ever to learn about the different ways to find a job.

We make it easy for people to have access to technology, that is why we provide Internet and computer use for everyone. We also provide free printing for students using the Overson-Campbell Homework Center.

We are your library, we care and pay attention to your needs. To learn more on how you can help the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library contact Kathy Groesbeck at 580-4493 or Gwen Stanley at 580-4498 at The Library Foundation. You can also visit the donation’s page at https://donations.tscpl.org/.