We Grow With You

No matter how old you are we make sure that we provide services for people of all ages.

From borrowing books to attending programs with their children, families remember their positive experiences at the library.

Melissa Powell remembers getting her library card at 8 years old.

“We used to go to the library a lot when we were little. I remember my mom taking us to get our library card,” said Melissa. “I feel like I did grow with the library. I remember reading time and the little cave in the kids’ section where you could go and read.”

During her high school years Melissa used the library to find more sources for homework assigned to her. Today she uses the library as a resource for her babysitting job and to find sources for her college homework.

“I’ve also taken seminars that dealt with early childhood education, which helped me with my babysitting job,” said Melissa. “I’ve seen the changes that the library has made and it has changed for the better.”

We continue growing with you with our Red Carpet Services that provide materials to accommodate people with low vision and other special needs.