We Enlighten You

The library offers programs that everyone can enjoy!

Committed to lifelong learning, the library offers free opportunities to continue your education with our help or on your own. One customer recently observed, “I learn something new every day because of the library.”

Jillian Underwood, library customer, had her first encounter with a computer at the library. She was 7 years old.

“I thought it was so cool. It was early ‘90s and people didn’t really have computers back then, so to come to the library and actually get to use one was a lot of fun,” Jillian said.

Not only did she learn how to use a computer at the library but she was also able to increase her reading comprehension skills by reading during the summers and checking out books at the library.

“My dad would make us read three books or more, depending on how old we were, every summer. I used to hate it, but it eventually paid off,” Jillian said. “I remember taking a reading test and being in the top two percentile, that’s when I realized that all that reading had paid off.”