Giving Options

Gifts of all kinds to The Library Foundation will be gratefully considered and are deductible for personal or corporate tax purposes. Unrestricted gifts provide the greatest flexibility and allow the Library to continue to respond to emerging needs and opportunities.

The Library Foundation’s Federal Tax Identification Number is:  48-0956441.

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For the Greatest Tax Deduction…

Cash - Gifts of cash are the most common method. Your check should be made payable to The Library Foundation. Gifts are deductible up to 50% of your adjusted gross income and may be carried over for five years.

Appreciated Securities – You may deduct the full fair market value and avoid capital gain tax with a gift of appreciated securities. Registered securities with a gift letter should be delivered unassigned to The Library Foundation. Stock or bond powers with your signature guaranteed by your bank or broker should be sent separately. You may also instruct your broker to contact The Library Foundation for instructions. In order to ensure your tax deduction, do not sell securities prior to contacting us. Gifts are deductible up to 30% of your adjusted gross income and may be carried over for five years.

Life Insurance Policies – Current life insurance policies you own and no longer need may be assigned to The Library Foundation as owner and beneficiary. Your tax deduction is approximately equal to the policy’s cash value. If premiums are still due, your future payments are tax deductible and may be paid to The Library Foundation. Paid-up policies are particularly welcome.

Real Estate, Personal Property, or Royalties – Gifts of these types will be considered by The Library Foundation. Acceptance hinges upon the property’s condition, marketability, debt, and property’s environmental status. Contact The Library Foundation for further information.
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If You are Concerned about Income…

Charitable Trusts – These provide an opportunity to make a gift during your lifetime, yet retain the income from your gift. You can even stipulate a desired rate of return. Gifts to a charitable trust entitle you to a current tax deduction and allow you to avoid capital gain tax. Charitable trusts are especially attractive to donors with highly appreciated securities or property. You are also relieved of asset management responsibility.

If You are Interested in Making a Gift at Your Death…

Will or Trust – One of the easiest ways to make a gift at death is a bequest provision in your will or trust.. You may choose to give a specific amount or asset, a percentage of your estate, the remainder of your estate after bequests to your heirs or a bequest contingent upon the survival of heirs. The federal estate tax and inheritance tax savings from such actions may be substantial. Bank accounts and certificates of deposit may be given to The Library Foundation with a PAYABLE ON DEATH designation. US Savings Bonds are especially attractive for this purpose since no tax will be payable on accumulated earnings.

Property – You may give your HOME, VACATION HOME OR FARM to The Library Foundation now but retain the right to its use for the lifetimes of you and your spouse. You continue to pay real estate taxes, insurance and maintenance; but you earn a substantial current income tax deduction. If you enter a retirement facility, you may retain the rental income from your property.

If You Are Concerned About Estate Taxes…

Annuities, IRAs, and 401k Plans – Tax-deferred assets such as annuities, IRAs, and 401k plans, often pose estate planning problems. Income, estate and excise taxes can reduce your hard-earned savings by more than 85% while also causing liquidity problems for heirs. The Library Foundation may be named as beneficiary of these assets, resulting in substantial tax savings for you.

Wealth Replacement Trust – If you or your spouse are insurable, a WEALTH REPLACEMENT TRUST can provide tax-free transfer of your wealth to your heirs and a gift to The Library Foundation. Often the income tax savings and increased income stream offset much of the cost of insurance. This approach is particularly useful for donors with family businesses or highly appreciated assets.

Testamentary Charitable Trusts – You may wish to explore testamentary charitable trusts created at your death to provide income for heirs during their lifetimes. These trusts also help minimize estate taxes.

In Loving Memory – The Library Foundation welcomes gifts honoring you or someone you love. With a gift of $15,000 or more, a permanent named fund may be established. Only the income will be used, while the principal is kept intact to assure an enduring legacy. You have the option – with the concurrence of The Library Foundation – to specify the purpose of a named fund. You can perpetuate the values that are most important to you.

Unrestricted Gifts – These gifts provide the greatest flexibility, and they allow the Library to continue to respond to emerging needs and opportunities.
Individuals honored with gifts of $15,000 or more will be permanently recognized at the Library in a manner deemed appropriate by the donor and the Library Trustees.

Naming Opportunities

You also have the opportunity to name a part of the Library that has a special place in your heart. Tasteful recognition will be permanently displayed as a tribute to your loved one or to your generous stewardship. Read the Named Recognition Policy