The Library Foundation

PrintNow more than ever, our customers rely on the public library for more than just books. They come to the library for homework help, job hunting assistance and quality family time.

The purpose of The Library Foundation is to ensure the future of our library as this indispensable community resource. We do this by helping to secure financial resources that support collections, programs, services, technology and physical facilities of The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library.

The Library Foundation pursues this purpose by seeking philanthropic support, by providing conscientious stewardship of the assets in its care, by encouraging appropriate community partnerships and by advocating on behalf of the library’s mission in our community.

Why choose the library among your philanthropic priorities?

  • The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library provides a safe and nurturing place for children and families.
  • Our services are readily available to all local residents.
  • Our services reach out into the community through creative partnerships.
  • We are your library for life. Services such as Bookmobile, Red Carpet and Talking Books ensure that citizens who are elderly, disabled or homebound can still be kept connected to their library.
  • We help bridge the digital divide.
  • We inspire trust and confidence.

Your Place – Your invitation to help frame the library’s future

Decide today to become part of the library’s bigger picture. Giving is easy, safe and simple online. See for yourself here. Or call The Library Foundation at (785) 580-4498 to further discuss how your charitable goals can be met at the library.

Learn about giving opportunities that can fit your charitable goals by reading the document above. (Or view a printable PDF.)

What matters most to you is important to us

We pay attention. Our stewardship is based on close attention to your priorities. The library and its Foundation react swiftly to emerging trends and economic challenges. A top priority is to ensure the library continues to be a safe and nurturing place for children and families. Our volunteer board of trustees helps raise funds and monitors both the Foundation’s investments and distributions.

We grow with you. Generations of families have counted on our services and collections. Individuals grow with every library experience. You return the favor by donating funds to support the library’s collections, programs, services, technology and facilities.

We enlighten you. Committed to lifelong learning, the library offers free opportunities to continue your education with our help or on your own. One patron recently observed, “I learn something new every day because of the library.”

We provide an enduring value to the community. These days people need the library more than ever. From job-search help to leisure activities, you have many reasons for your unwavering belief in the value our library adds to our community.

Contact us

The Library Foundation
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