The Velveteen Rabbit Comes to Life Dec. 4

Inspired by watching her children play, Margery Williams creates a classic story of a stuffed rabbit that becomes real through the eyes of his young master. The revelation of the rabbit’s true state when it and the boy are separated produces a grief borne of love that magically transforms the rabbit forever. A story about unconditional love and beauty from the inside, The Velveteen Rabbit is a favorite especially around Christmas holidays.

The_Velveteen_Rabbit_pg_1Read the book and see the show! At 7pm on Wednesday, December 4 in Marvin Auditorium, view a preview of the Helen Hocker Theater performance of The Velveteen Rabbit. Young childen will enjoy a short animated clip, a fingerplay, and seeing a live bunny. Perhaps you cherish a Velveteen Rabbit type toy of your own. How did your favorite inanimate companion become so beloved? Do you have a story you could share? Please feel free to bring your story and cherished animal toy to this library program or if you can’t make it, leave a comment below.

This is a sneak preview of Helen Hocker Theater’s performance of the play of the same name, adapted by Topeka playwright Philip Grecian. The youth production will run from December 13-21. See theater’s website.

The playwright, Philip Grecian, was recently awarded the Performing Art Award by ARTSConnect. Sarah Fizell, executive director of ARTSConnect, shares her perspective of Mr. Grecian, a Topeka talent. And Joanna Lassley, Helen Hocker Associate Artistic Director, will talk about Helen Hocker under the auspices of the Topeka Civic Theatre & Academy.  Helen Hocker spawned Joanna’s love of theatre as a teenager which charted her life educational and career path.

Janet Pionkowski

Janet is a member of the Bookmobile staff serving the public on the buses and in the elementary classrooms through the Kansas Connections programming. She is an original member of The Big Read committee.