Oct/Nov ConnectNow Library News – What’s Happening @ your library

In this edition of Library News, find the schedule of events, profiles on two of our board members and a spooky center spread with killer book recommendations.The cover story will encourage you to express yourself and to find inspiration in our Craft Neighborhood, a crafter’s paradise for browsing and idea-generating.

Fall is a great time to fire up the oven and send the scent of fresh-baked goods through the house. We have some seasonal cookbooks on page 2. Open up and say yum.

The Alice C. Sabatini Gallery needs you. Contribute to an upcoming exhibit called M.V.P.–Most Valuable Possession. We want individuals to find an item of value that you would grab from your home if it were on fire and submit it for consideration. The M.V.P. exhibit opens Jan. 18. Online submission form here.

Beginning Oct. 1, the Bookmobile starts a new schedule, with more hours at some of the most popular stops. Bookmobiles will be open 10 more hours each week. Learn more on page 7 or click onto this blog post.

And your complete October/November schedule of library events is inside this edition of ConnectNow Library News (pdf version).

All library cardholders in Shawnee County receive a copy of this publication in the mail. We’ve been sending it out for about a year now. If you care to send us feedback, please take this quick survey so we can make sure you’re receiving it and what use you find it.

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