Meet the Contributors – Superimposed

The 2014 Community Novel Project, Superimposed, is more than just the work of fiction that we produce.

Each contributor works individually and as part of the team, to plan, conceptualize, write, edit, narrate, publish, and promote the novel.

Learn about all of the people working on this project. Most weeks a new author interview will be added along with the new chapter to the emerging novel.

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George Ismael Feliu Jr.

George Ismael Feliu Jr..

George Ismael Feliu Jr.

Superimposed Chapter 1 by George Ismael Feliu Jr.

Behind the Scenes Author Interview with George Ismael Feliu Jr.

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, George Feliu has always had a love for reading and writing stories. He graduated from Hyles-Anderson College in 2000 with a B.S., majoring in History and minoring in English. He wrote his first full length novel because of NaNoWriMo events hosted by the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library. He wrote and published the Guardians of Havenshire series. The fourth and final in the series, Triumph and Tragedy, comes out spring 2014, on sale at,, and He currently resides in Topeka, Kansas as the Manager of AAA Self Storage. Check out for news on future projects or signings, or friend him on Facebook.