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The 2015 Community Novel Project will begin publishing online on April 1, 2015.

You can Get Involved in our chooseable-path adventure, a futuristic novel set in Topeka.

We can’t tell you more yet, because we don’t know what is coming next. Collaboratively, the writers meet to choose an idea, develop the premise, and create the first section of the novel.

“I think it’s interesting that the Community Novel project is a real life chooseable-path process. We should be able to come up with a really, really good novel this year because we’ve already been through this whole “Author Your Own Adventure” thing in real life three/four times before (3 years/4 books).” – Crystal Green, three time Community Novel Project author

Each author  will add their scene to the developing story before passing the manuscript forward to the next author. Writers can include details as breadcrumbs, so that the authors who write later scenes can use features from earlier scenes to advance the story.

Follow along on our writing, editing and published progress by looking Behind the Scenes or check back after April 1, 2015 to start reading the story.

Each author will set things up for future authors to take the story in new directions, challenge the characters and strengthen the emerging plot. It’s going to be a wild and creative ride, and you can read each section as it is published!  Learn more about the Community Novel Project or contact Project Organizers Lissa Staley and Miranda Ericsson