Community Novel Project – 2014 Projects

Meet the authors at the Book Launch on Sunday, September 28, 2014 from 2-4 pm in the Marvin Auditorium.  Buy a print edition of a novel that day to have it signed by the authors.

Superimposed gives a new twist to historical fiction. The first chapter begins in present day Topeka, and alternating chapters are written as flashbacks revealing the mysterious truth about one of the characters.

Spirits of Oz gives our community an opportunity to write for a younger audience by creating a story about kids that takes place in Topeka. This ten chapter pilot project encourages kids and adults to write together and contribute illustrations.


Dead men tell no tales–dying men have one last chance. Joe Grimaldi has money and power but no time. HollyHiggins has all the time in the world, but no one to spend it with. As a hospice worker, Holly’s job is to help her clients make peace, even as she struggles with her own dark thoughts. As Joe’s web of secrets starts to unravel, Holly steps into a new role. She is sent across continents on a journey she doesn’t fully understand, to accomplish a task that is decidedly outside her job description. What life will Holly choose when Joe’s secrets are revealed? Serialized online April through August 2014

Meet the Contributors and listen to the author interviews

Book Cover SpiritsofOz
Nico and Lola Espiritu have all the usual problems of 12 year olds—spelling tests, parents, sibling rivalry.  Their parents are paranormal investigators who star in a struggling reality TV show, so for the most part the twins take the supernatural in stride.  Then things really get spooky.  The Spirits of Oz reach out for help to prevent an impending disaster, and it’s the kids they contact, not the adults.  Are they brave enough to take on an otherworldly quest? Can they save the show, and maybe even the world? Serialized online June through August 2014

Meet the Contributors and listen to the author interviews

We can’t tell you more yet, because we don’t know what is coming next. Each author will have a week to add their chapter to the developing story before passing the manuscript forward to the next author. Writers can include details as breadcrumbs, so that the authors who write later chapters can use features from earlier chapters to advance the story. Each author will set things up for future authors to take the story in new directions, challenge the characters and strengthen the emerging plot. It’s going to be a wild and creative ride, and you can read each chapter as it is published!  Learn more about the Community Novel Project or contact Project Organizers Lissa Staley and Miranda Ericsson