The Gripping Crime Novel – A Killer’s Essence

A Killer's EssenceBeing a cop is Detective Stan Green’s life, even if he doesn’t want it to be. The time it takes and the stress from the job can be overwhelming. It costs him a lot – his ex-wife still hates him, his kids are tired of being second to his job, and his girlfriend has just about had it. Though Stan tries to change things with the people in his life it isn’t easy, especially after a vicious murder when a woman’s fingers are cut off. It appears to be a mugging but it seems too violent to be a robbery that went wrong.

There aren’t many leads, but there is one witness who saw the murder, Zachary Lynch. The problem is Zachary has had brain damage and sees hallucinations when he looks at a person. Stan feels in his gut that this victim isn’t going to be the last so somehow he has to find a way for his only witness to identify the killer. A Killer’s Essence by Dave Zeltserman is an absorbing novel that skillfully integrates the various characters’ stories and the murder investigation seamlessly into a fascinating story. Edged with darkness, this is crime fiction that goes beyond the case and into the life of the detective.