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Open “Wait till next year : a memoir” in catalog Wait till next year : a memoir Open “Don't let's go to the dogs tonight : an …” in catalog Don't let's go to the dogs tonight : an … Open “Autobiography of a face” in catalog Autobiography of a face Open “Girls of tender age : a memoir” in catalog Girls of tender age : a memoir Open “The life and times of the thunderbolt ki…” in catalog The life and times of the thunderbolt ki… Open “The Liars' Club : a memoir” in catalog The Liars' Club : a memoir
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Stalking a Killer in Southside

Gang violence is part of the backdrop of the city and has stopped making the news, but gang reporter Michael Lyons is shot on the street and becomes the news. He survives the attack but is not unscathed…

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Bean There, Read That: The Handmaid’s Tale

Pick up a copy of The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood for the Tuesday May 27, 2014 7-8:30PM Bean There, Read That book discussion at The Classic Bean (21st and Fairlawn) for folks in their 20s and 30s! Offred is a Handmaid in the Republic of Gilead. She may leave the home of the Commander and his wife once a day to […]

Hush a podcast from TSCPL

HUSH Library Podcast Ep. 56 – New Music from the Music Nerd

In this episode, Tim Volpert recommends new music releases that are worth a listen, while Thad and Lissa begin to understand why Tim is qualified to call himself a Music Nerd.


An Adventure Fantasy in Quintessence

On the western edge of the world there are treasures, magic, and strange creatures in this age of discovery during the reign of Edward VI, son of Henry VIII. It was also a time of deadly strife as science, Protestantism and Catholicism clashed against each other often ending in torture and death. Court physician Stephen Parris is caught…

The Sum of Two Mothers by Dennis Etzel Jr.

A Conversation About Equality with Topeka Author Dennis Etzel

In The Sum of Two Mothers, Topeka poet Dennis Etzel Jr. opens a discussion about equality, gender roles, and acceptance. Check out the book from your library and join the conversation.

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Mimi Malloy at Last

It’s never too late in Mimi Malloy At Last

Mimi Malloy doesn’t remember her childhood, at least that is what she tells herself and her grown daughters. Instead, she enjoys her retirement and loves being in her own apartment where she can smoke cigarettes to her heart’s content while sipping on her Manhattan and listening to Frank Sinatra. Her daughters refused…


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