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HUSH Podcast #104 – A Book with a Sports Theme

In this episode, we ask Nate Hohl, sports librarian and lifelong sports fan, to share his favorites for the “A Book with a Sports Theme” square in Reading Bingo.

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For the love of Denzel Washington

Indulging my movie crush on Denzel Washington and discussing his recent movie Fences.

Lost in the Stacks web marquee

A Total Eclipse of the Sun

Profound and mesmerizing, the total solar eclipse of 1878 would transform American science.

Roy Beckemeyer reads into a mic

Music I Once Could Dance To: Poetry by Roy Beckemeyer

Music I Once Could Dance To is familiar in imagery and ideas, but stunningly original in voice and perspective. Meet the poet! Roy Beckemeyer is a featured reader at this year’s Open Mic & Poetry Reading on April 26, at 7 pm.

A Book That Became a Movie

HUSH Podcast #103 – A Book That Became a Movie

In this episode, we ask “Should you read the book before you see the movie?” with Tierney Kirtdoll, movie watcher and book reader, to find the perfect pick for the “A Book that is a Movie” square in Reading Bingo.

Random Movie Thoughts

Random thoughts on movies I’ve recently watched.