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Open “$2.00 a day : living on almost nothing in America” in catalog $2.00 a day : living on almost nothing in America Open “Being mortal : medicine and what matters in the en…” in catalog Being mortal : medicine and what matters in the en… Open “Between the world and me” in catalog Between the world and me Open “The Black girl next door : a memoir” in catalog The Black girl next door : a memoir Open “Hand to mouth : living in bootstrap America” in catalog Hand to mouth : living in bootstrap America Open “How to be a woman” in catalog How to be a woman
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Annette blog

Meet Annette Billings, Right Here

You can meet Annette Billings and hear her poetry at your library on December 12. Read on for an original interview with the poet.


Local Events: Drama and Dance

The holiday season is a wonderful time to enjoy a play like A Christmas Carol or a dance performance like The Chocolate Nutcracker, two of the many local events occurring in Topeka this weekend. After taking in one of these show the Library has plenty of related books, CD’s and DVD’s so that you can extend your experience at home.


Diane Keaton puts on lipstick!

Movie star Diane Keaton once gave some useful and amusing advice for women: “Don’t give up on yourself. So you make a mistake here and there; you do too much or you do too little. Just have fun. Smile. And keep putting on lipstick.” The veteran actress certainly takes her own advice. She has a […]


The Story Behind the Duel in War of Two

The duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr was the deadly climax from a lifetime of competition. They were in many ways opposite as Hamilton was born into poverty in the Caribbean while Burr was from an established colonial family, but it was their shared ambition that led them to opposite sides in politics.

Great Writers Featured

Great Writers, Right Here Author Fair

It’s coming! On December 12 enjoy an afternoon of readings by featured authors, add signed books to your collection, and pick out gifts for family and friends at the biggest author fair in the region.

HUSH Podcast

HUSH Library Podcast #83 – Autobiography and Memoir

In this episode, librarian Valerie Reif recommends a selection of books about some very interesting people.


A Deadly Deal in The Second Life of Nick Mason

Nick had given up his life of crime for his wife and daughter until he decided to do one last job, but it went terribly wrong and Nick ended up with a twenty year sentence, a divorce and all contact cut off from his family.


Local Events: Holiday Decor, Wedding Expo, and more

As the year winds down our attention is turning to the holidays, and many of our local events will feature holiday decorations and activities.  This upcoming weekend also brings us the first Equality Wedding Expo to be held in Topeka.  No matter what you are celebrating this weekend, the Library has plenty of related books, […]


First in a New Fantasy Series is Son of the Black Sword

Ashok Vadal is a Protector of the Law and wields the great sword, Angruvadal. The sword picked Ashok when he was a boy and his family sent him to become a Protector. Through the years Ashok has distinguished himself while killing demons and upholding the strict laws that class some as non-people which Ashok doesn’t question. Then one day Ashok is called back to the capital…

Movie Mind Blog Header outlander

Outlander obsessed

I’m obsessed with Diana Gabaldon’s books and now the show, but especially the AMAZING costumes on the show.

Classics Made Modern Book Discussion Group

2016 Classics Made Modern Book Discussion

Read exemplary and award-winning literature and discuss how the book remains modern and relevant in this popular monthly book group offered on the 2nd Monday of each month at 1:30 pm at the library.


A Victorian Mystery in A Curious Beginning

Veronica Speedwell is unlike most English women of the 1880’s. She travels the world alone, has the occasional romance without the thought of marriage, and collects butterflies professionally. She has returned to England to help her dying aunt who has raised the orphaned Veronica. After her aunt’s funeral someone tries to abduct Veronica…


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