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Staff Picks: Escape the Ordinary This Summer

Open “The 5 love languages : the secret to love that las…” in catalog The 5 love languages : the secret to love that las… Open “100 ways to simplify your life” in catalog 100 ways to simplify your life Open “Change your words, change your life” in catalog Change your words, change your life Open “Chicken soup for the soul : find your happiness : …” in catalog Chicken soup for the soul : find your happiness : … Open “Clark Howard's living large for the long haul : co…” in catalog Clark Howard's living large for the long haul : co… Open “The creativity cure : a do-it-yourself prescriptio…” in catalog The creativity cure : a do-it-yourself prescriptio…
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Nate & Dave - featured pic

The Sports Guys video review Pete Rose

Join The Sports Guys – Nate and Dave – as they discuss the book “Pete Rose: An American Dilemma” by Kostya Kennedy, and find out why you should read this biography of one of the most controversial and polarizing baseball players to ever play the game.


The Simmering Thriller Bull Mountain

In the mountains of Northern Georgia the Burroughs family through the generations have made their living first by selling moonshine to the present day as drug dealers, but Clayton Burroughs turned his back…

august bean there

Bean There, Read That: Dream House

Pick up a copy of Dream House by Valerie Laken for the Tuesday August 25, 2015 7-8:30PM Bean There, Read That book club at The Classic Bean (21st and Fairlawn) for folks in their 20s and 30s!

RL Naquin featured

Hot Regional Read: Monster in My Closet

Lawrence author R.L. Naquin has built a big fan following with her quirky characters and immersive fantasy world. Read on for more about Monster Haven and the Mt. Olympus Employment Agency, and check out an original interview with the author.


New books in August

These books were all the rage at this year’s Book Expo. Discover these authors you should be reading.

In the Company of Sherlock Holmes

A Collection of Murders In the Company of Sherlock Holmes

Dr. Watson is called away from Sherlock Holmes to attend a beaten man who had his painting stolen. Upon Watson’s return, Holmes is intrigued by the case and soon the game is afoot in the short story “The Curious Affair of the Italian Art Dealer” by Sara Paretsky. This story is from…


Utopian Predictions From the Past

At this month’s book discussion, we’ll compare Edward Bellamy’s 1888 predictions of a utopian word by the year 2000 with a new theory of postcapitalism as we talk about Marxism in classic literature.


Library@Work : Advisors Excel

Employees connect with the library using Library@Work to have books, music and movies brought straight to the job site.

HUSH Podcast

HUSH Library Podcast #77 – Arty Awards

In this episode, we celebrate Poet Annette Hope Billings and Journalist Jeffrey Ann Goudie, who join us for a discussion of their inspirations, literary lives, and connections to Topeka.

Pirate Hunters

A Treasure Hunt in Pirate Hunters

The fantasy about finding a sunken pirate ship and its treasure may almost be an impossible dream, but when the opportunity to search for a pirate ship came up John Chatterton and John Mattera decided to risk danger…


Errands + entertainment

Get entertainment FREE while you get groceries. Just one of the thousands of things we do that you should know about.

Movie Mind Jaws

Jaws turns 40

I never watched Jaws, but I can tell you why it’s a summer blockbuster.


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