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The King's Justice

Stephen R. Donaldson’s latest in The King’s Justice

A man called Black whose magic is embedded in his skin has traveled to Settle’s Crossways after a young boy is murdered.

HUSH Station Eleven

HUSH Podcast #85 – Station Eleven

Miranda Ericsson thinks everyone should read Station Eleven. Listen in on the discussion to see if our hosts agree.

Tom Averill header

Thomas Fox Averill on Short Fiction

When Thomas Fox Averill talks short stories, we sit up and listen.

Eureka: How Invention Happens

The Road to Success in Eureka: How Invention Happens

Ever hear of Sir George Cayley born 1773 or Perry Pilcher or even Otto Lilienthal who wanted to make gliding a widespread hobby? All of these men in one way contributed to the invention of the Wright Brothers eureka moment when finally everything came together for a successful flight.

Fiction Five Header No Books

Newest hottest books in February

Here are five books the critics are buzzing about. I bet all of them are destined for the bestseller lists. Get your holds now!

Lost in the Stacks Sound Gravel

The thirty-ninth child

A riveting memoir of growing up in a polygamous community.

Movie Mind Blog Header princess bride

Your favorite movies

A few months ago, we asked you to name your favorite movies and this is what you said.


Local Events: Social Justice, Dragons, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

After attending one of these events, continue to learn and have fun by checking out related items from the library’s collection.

Love shape hands, heart on yellow field and blue sky

Always the Bridesmaid, Never… meh

The image of the Princess Bride is a little outdated and maybe it’s time to let go of the Bridezilla stereotype.

Murder Most Malicious

Two Worlds and Murder in Murder Most Malicious

This is the first Christmas after the Great War, and at Foxwood Hall Phoebe Renshaw and her family are celebrating the holiday and trying to forget the painful memories from the war. Unfortunately, the holiday gathering is shattered when the Marquis of Allerton disappears and then his finger is discovered in a gift for the lady’s maid, Eva Huntford.

Fiction Five Header January 2016

New in January

Start off your reading year on the edge of your seat with these books of murder, mayhem and intrigue.

The Gold Eaters

Greed and Conquest in The Gold Eaters

Waman was a young man full of hope, but his dreams for the future were abruptly changed when he was kidnapped by Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro. The Spaniard’s desire for gold led him to the shores of the Inca Empire, and he needs an interpreter, so Waman is forced…


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