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Open “Compost : a family guide to making soil from scrap…” in catalog Compost : a family guide to making soil from scrap… Open “Creating rain gardens : capturing rain for your ow…” in catalog Creating rain gardens : capturing rain for your ow… Open “The creative shrub garden : eye-catching combinati…” in catalog The creative shrub garden : eye-catching combinati… Open “Essential perennials for every garden : selection,…” in catalog Essential perennials for every garden : selection,… Open “Fairy garden handbook” in catalog Fairy garden handbook Open “Fairy gardening : creating your own magical miniat…” in catalog Fairy gardening : creating your own magical miniat…
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Local events ticket

Local Events: Concerts, a Musical, Home Tour

The last weekend of April brings  a couple of touring shows to Topeka. This and some local events that are continuing from last week will give Topekans plenty to see and do. After experiencing a show or a tour, we’d love to welcome you at the Library where we have plenty of materials related to […]

Local events ticket

Local Events: Plays, Parties, Concerts, and Tours

The end of April has the local event venues around town buzzing with activity. There will be a variety of concerts, musical plays, themed parties for adults and children, and tours. It would be challenging to NOT find an event that you would enjoy from this list. After attending the event that interests you the […]

Movie Mind Blog Header Storm

I’m ditching Marvel movies & here’s why

After watching Age of Ultron, I’ve sworn off the Marvel movies. But there are still some comic-inspired films that have my heart.

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Recipes for Love and Murder

A Murder Treat in Recipes for Love and Murder

Maria loves to cook and writes a recipe column in the local newspaper when one day her editor and friend, Hattie, asks Maria to begin writing an advice column with recipes included. Maria is skeptical but when the letters arrive…


Serial Killers in The Killing Lessons

Two serial killers are leaving behind a trail of murdered mutilated women. Their next victim is a woman with two children who live in an isolated home in the wilds of Colorado. The killers’ attack goes as planned until the woman’s young daughter escapes…


Featured Poet: Martinez Hillard

Martinez Hillard is a songwriter, emcee, poet and social commentator based in Topeka. You can hear him share his spoken word poetry at your library 7 p.m. Tues. April 26.


The Arthurian Fantasy Kingfisher

Pierce Oliver has never met his father, and Prince Daimon does not know who his mother is, but both young men want to find out more about their missing parent. To find his father, Pierce travels to King Arden’s court, and Daimon questions his father, the king about his mother. As the two young men set off on their personal journeys…

HUSH Tell Me Three Things

HUSH Podcast #88 – Tell Me Three Things

Autumn Friedli thinks everyone should read Tell Me Three Things. Listen in on the discussion to see if our hosts agree.

Local events ticket

Local Events: Rock Concert, Shakespeare, and Ballet

Topeka’s local events calendar is getting busy with all sorts of performances. We hope you enjoy whatever event you attend and if you’d like to experience more at home stop by and check out the our collection.


Guitar: Great Listening!

We have some of the best guitar-oriented music around, waiting for you to check it out. Read more to discover some new music!

Annette blog

Featured Poet: Annette Hope Billings

Celebrate Poetry at your library on April 26, with a Regional Poetry Reading & Open Mic, featuring Annette Hope Billings. Read on for an original interview with the poet.


Economic Lessons in First Entrepreneur

George Washington is remembered for his presidency and his military leadership while his role as a businessman is often overlooked. Washington was born during a time in Virginia when many planters, including Washington, struggled with debt…


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