Fantasy Football Update From “The Freak”

Join local fantasy football expert Terry “The Freak” Blount as he recaps the young NFL season, gives updates about the library’s fantasy football league, and gives fantasy football advice for week 4.

Being Daddy – Bedtime Stories

Join Nate as he finds out that reading a story to his daughter before bed isn’t exactly what he envisioned.

Being Daddy – Not So Lucky Charms

Join Nate as he shares with prospective Dads the difference between store brand and name brand groceries as taught to him by his pregnant wife.

Check Out Our Newest Sports Books

Check out some of the newest sports titles we have added to our collection. From baseball to poker, we have something of interest for fans of just about any sport.

Being Daddy – Those Baby Bodily Functions

Sometimes being a Dad can bring tears of sorrow, as well as laughter to your eyes. This is nowhere more true than in the case of a baby’s bodily functions. Join Nate this week as he shares his first funny poop story.

Topeka Fall Sports Schedules

In the mood to attend a sporting event in person? Check out some of the local high school and college fall sports schedules. Not only will you not have to travel far, but it also won’t cost you upwards of thirty dollars to park.

Being Daddy – The Battle of the Nap

Babies and sleep. Sometimes the two go together like peanut butter and jelly, but other times more like oil and water. In this post Nate explores the latter view with a look at the mind boggling difficulty of nap time.

Are You Ready For Fantasy Football?

The library has all of your fantasy football needs covered for the upcoming season with a Fantasy Football Strategies program presented by WIBW’s Terry Blount and Bruce Steinbrock, as well as our own fantasy league we want you to join!

Being Daddy – Where Did My Free Time Go?

When I was visiting the dentist not long before the arrival of my daughter, I mentioned to the hygienist that my wife and I were expecting our first child in a couple of weeks. She told me to be sure to keep up with my brushing and flossing because once the baby arrives, your time […]

Being Daddy – Date Night

Join Nate as he offers anecdotes and insight from the viewpoint of a brand new Dad. In this installment he talks about going out together as a couple for the first time after the baby arrives.

Sports Trivia July 22

Team Up For Sports Trivia

Think you know your sports? Come out on Friday Night, July 22 from 6:00-8:30 and prove it at our sports trivia competition!

Being Daddy – The Timing of Labor

Join Nate as he offers anecdotes and insight from the viewpoint of a brand new Dad. In this installment he talks about the timing of labor and the beginning of sleepless nights.