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An Evening with James Naismith

Come to the library Wednesday April 24, from 7-8:30 and spend an evening with the inventor of basketball, James Naismith, as he is brought to life in a one-man play  by Dr. Bill Worley, instructor of history, from the Metropolitan Community Colleges of Kansas City Blue River campus. Dr. James Naismith was born near Ottawa, […]

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So, How is Your Bracket Doing?

Ah, the NCAA Tournament bracket. Why do we torture ourselves each year by filling one out? Nate examines this, and wonders if you’ve had to wave your white flag of surrender yet.

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Bill Self – One of the Best in the Business

KU fans were upset when Roy Williams left to coach at his alma mater, North Carolina. Enter Bill Self – the hottest coach on the market at that time. And although things started out a bit rough, especially in the NCAA Tournament, read further to see how Nate thinks Self has actually turned into an upgrade..

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Wamego’s Page Sisters Might be Worth a Trip West

Join Nate as he talks about some of the options for quality, live basketball in Topeka this winter. He also talks about a special duo in Wamego that has college scouts flocking to the small, Kansas town, and reminisces about a special player he got to see twenty years ago.

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Bill Snyder Continues to Work His Magic

Bill Snyder continues to show everyone just how good of a football coach he is by guiding the Kansas State football team into the national championship picture. Check out his book here at the library!

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