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Energy Savings 101

Come to the Library on December 13 to learn how to decrease your energy costs.

October is Adopt-a-dog month the library is collecting dog toys and bedding

October is Adopt-a-Dog Month

October is Adopt-A-Dog Month, and the Library is acting as a collection point for donations to Helping Hands Humane Society.


Parrots on the Road

Before taking your pet bird on the road, read these travel tips to ensure a safe trip.

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Exterior House Painting

If you are getting ready to paint the outside of your house, the Library has several books that could help you.

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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Friday, June 24, is Take Your Dog to Work Day. This “holiday” has been celebrated since 1999, when Pet Sitters International created a special day to announce that dogs are great companions and to encourage people to adopt a pet from their local shelters. If you and your favorite canine are planning a trip to […]