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A different kind of container gardening

As some of you already know, raised garden beds are becoming a fast and easy way to do flower gardening and vegetable gardening. What is a raised garden bed? Well, they look like a box with soil in them. What is so great about this type of gardening is that there aren’t as many weeds […]

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2 moms that cook

So, who lives in Oklahoma with her husband and children, writes a blog and two cookbooks, and has a dog named Charlie? Well, the Pioneer Woman, that’s who. Yes, the Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) has a new cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from my frontier and it is as good or maybe even better […]

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Growing and growing (at least some of my garden)

So, with this really warm weather, is your garden growing like mine is? Let me qualify that. What is left of my garden from last year is growing like crazy. My lilacs are blooming right now and smell divine. My tulips have bloomed too and look beautiful. My japanese maple tree is just starting to […]

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Let’s have some Joy in our cooking

Joy the Baker who has had a blog for many years has a new cookbook out. Her recipes are simple but absolutely delicious. It is available here at the library in the Cooking Neighborhood. Be sure and check out the new bookclub, Cooking by the Book.

Watch All Booked Up! to learn more about Martha's Entertaining

All Booked Up! Martha’s Entertaining

In this edition of All Booked Up! Kathy and Diana share stories of Martha Stewart and explain why for those planning a special event the library is a great place to start. How many of you remember the entertaining book that Martha Stewart wrote in the 1980s? I do, and I have that book in […]

Watch All Booked Up

All Booked Up – The Paris Wife (book review)

Welcome to the first edition of the All Booked Up video blog. Life gets busy and browsing takes time, so that’s why each All Booked Up video is short but informative. We advise having your pen and paper handy because you are going to want to write down the titles of the books talked about […]

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