Weekends with Daisy

Being a volunteer weekend puppy raiser for NEADS (National Education for Assistance Dog Services) was a lot like co-parenting in an amiable divorce mused Sharron, that is if your ex happened to be an inmate and your child was actually an adorable yellow Labrador puppy. Sharron would pick Daisy up at the prison on Friday […]

Lost in the Stacks: The Angola Horror

A jolt. Then shuddering. Then, more ominously, swaying. The frightened passengers aboard the New York Express traveling high on a truss bridge over Big Sister Creek clutched their belongings and looked at each other in terror. What terrible thing was going on?

Novel Gardens

These charming novels of magic and mystery will satisfy your gardening soul as you dream of spring…

Lost in the Stacks: Met Her on the Mountain

Inept procedures and political intrigue would dog and stall the investigation, but journalist Mark Pinsky, who for years followed and researched the case, puts the pieces together in his gripping true crime narrative.

Lost in the Stacks: Mud Season

Glorious fall foliage, cozy Heidi-esque mountains, delightful country stores, and cheese, lots and lots of cheese, – who wouldn’t fall in love with Vermont?

Lost in the Stacks: Torey Hayden

Over thirty years ago teacher and therapist Torey Hayden started sharing her remarkable experiences in classrooms and clinics with emotionally disturbed children. Their stories will haunt you…their courage will amaze you.

Lost in the Stacks: Etched in Sand

Huddled together in their stolen jackets, the five siblings – Cherie, Camille, Regina, Norm, and Rosie – tried to keep warm in the middle of a Long Island winter.  Left alone in a decrepit rental house with no heat, no food, and no idea when their mother might return, the five children could only rely […]

Lost in the Stacks: The Rhinestone Sisterhood

In this edition of Lost in the Stacks, our reviewer tells you about a book that will get you chuckling and might end up charming you. If you like the quirkiness that sometimes comes with small towns, you’ll love The Rhinestone Sisterhood.