Blazing love

It’s a love story gone bad. No, wait! It’s a page-turning true crime story. No, wait! It’s an intriguing portrait of a struggling county. Maybe American Fire is three stories wrapped in one marvelous smoky package.

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Life as a shelter dog

You’ll give your heart to these appealing shelter dogs who just want a home to call their own.

Lost in the Stacks web marquee

A Total Eclipse of the Sun

Profound and mesmerizing, the total solar eclipse of 1878 would transform American science.

A deadly inheritance

The compelling story of one family’s courageous fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Lost in the Stacks web marquee

A reason to cheer

Hard times and failing farms afflicted Oklahoma in 1931, but a basketball team of scrappy young women and one determined coach gave them a reason to cheer. In their new-fangled red satin uniforms (goodbye bloomers!) and worn Converse sneakers the Oklahoma Presbyterian College Cardinals dazzled the crowds with their talent, teamwork and jaw-dropping record. Lydia […]


Weed ’em and weep

To weed a print book is to lay on your hands and receive a bit of its spirit.


Terror in the night

All the black residents of Forsyth County left their homes, their fields, their schools, their churches and began new lives across the county line.


Product dog

Man’s best friend is produced, packaged, distributed, marketed and sold just like any other commodity.